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Public Scholarship

Which History Matters? 

Urbs & Polis: Early Christianity in Greco-Roman Context, June 2022


Reading Christian Art: An Introduction

Bloomsbury T&T Clark Jesus Library, Forthcoming

Clothing and Dress in the Time of Jesus

Bloomsbury T&T Clark Jesus Library, 2022

Review: Helen Bond, Jesus: A Very Brief History

Theology, March 2018

Review: Risen (2016)

Journal of Religion & Film, October 2016

Book Chapters

Textual Problems in Textile Research: The Use of the Talmud in Studies of Ancient Jewish Dress

Dress in Mediterranean Antiquity, 2021

"The Shoe is the Sign!" Costuming Brian and Dressing the First Century

Jesus and Brian: Exploring the Historical Jesus and his Times via Monty Python\'s Life of Brian, 2015

Jewish Blessing or Thyestean Banquet? The Eucharist and its Origins

The Body in Biblical, Christian, and Jewish Texts, 2012

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