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I'm an Independent Scholar and Public Engagement professional, principally trained in Second Temple Judaism, the New Testament period, and the reception of the New Testament in art and drama.

My research focuses on Jewish daily life in the Roman era beyond what we find recorded in texts. I am interested in how people lived, how they navigated cultural belonging, and how they expressed their own identities through material culture.

I am further interested in how Western Christendom has represented the Jewish world of the gospel narratives in art and drama, including: How this representation differs from the historical reality and why; and how this representation reflects and contributes to anti-Judaism and antisemitism.

Prior to completing my doctorate, I held public education roles at the National Trust (Osterley Park), Historic Royal Palaces (Kew Palace), and the Science Museum London. In these roles I recieved training in public education, presentation skills, and different modes of learning for different age groups. I also developed and delivered educational content, both formally (supporting the UK national curriculum) and informally. This experience informs the public engagement work I do today.  

In addition to my research, writing, and engagement work, I have been a historcal advisor for brands such as Mattel, Inc., and Bloomsbury Publishing. I am also a SACRE Bromley board member (helping to develop the Religious Education curriculum for my council area), an advisor and contributor to Urbs & Polis (a digital platform encouraging and supporting the study of early Christianity within it’s Greco-Roman context), and creator and co-host of the religion and film podcast series Gods & Moviemakers.



PhD, New Testament & its Reception | King's College, London

Department of Theology and Religious Studies


MA, Biblical Studies | King's College, London

Department of Theology and Religious Studies


MA, Modern History | Royal Holloway, University of London

Department of History


BA, History & Media | Stony Brook University

Multidisciplinary Studies Program, College of Arts & Humanities

Further Learning

Intensive Textile Course, Textile Research Centre Leiden

A week-long course combining theoretical and practical elements, with an emphasis on: textile production (spinning, dyeing, weaving); fibre examination and identification; various textile forms; and identification of various techniques in finished textiles. Broadly inclusive of multiple eras and cultural contexts, including ancient Egypt, c. 1st century Qumran, Coptic, Medieval through 19th century European, and Early-Modern Indian.

Textiles and Ancient Egypt, Swansea University

A 10-week course exploring the different methods of textile manufacture and design used in ancient Egypt. Combination lecture and practical experimentation, lessons covered farming and harvesting of fibre (primarily flax); production methods from raw material to thread; weaving techniques and the construction of ancient looms; and dying recipes and methods. 

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