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A photo of Katie Turner, a white woman with long auburn hair. She is smiling and standing in front of a tree-covered mountain landscape.

Katie Turner, PhD

Public Historian & Educator

Specialising in: Second Temple Judaism & The New Testament; Ancient Jewish Clothing; Roman-Era Material Culture; Dress and Cultural Identity; Christian Art & Drama (including films); Antisemitism & Orientalism; Costume & Costume Design; Heritage Formation & Historical Misconceptions.

What I Do


I bring the past to life for students of all ages and interests, from primary school to higher education and beyond. I provide engaging and informative sessions customized to meet your needs, whether that be costumed interpretation and object handling in support of the national curriculum, or a formal lecture for an adult interest group.


I provide training sessions to those engaged in any form of religious education. My aim is to equip educators with the knowledge they need to address issues related to antisemitism and anti-Judaism. Sessions can cover everything from the basic differences between Judaism and Christianity to the ways in which older forms of Christian antisemitism linger in broader culture today. 


I consult on projects engaged in visually depicting the biblical world (especially the Roman Era), and have previously worked with companies such as Mattel, Inc., and Bloomsbury Publishing. My advice is always rooted in historical accuracy while remaining sensitive to religious tradition and audience reception. Let me help you create something visually appealing and historically grounded.

Research & Writing

I offer research support, writing support, and editing services in my areas of specialty, or history more broadly. I'm familiar with many top libraries and archives in Greater London, and I maintain a wide network of contacts in various fields of history and religion. Let me help you achieve your goals, whether you're working on a dissertation, research project, or book.

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